Why Digital

Our Story

From a trip to America and visiting an LED trade show sprouted a vision for RP Digital Pty Ltd.

On returning to Australia and conducting market research it was established there was a severe hole in the market for organisations and Companies wanting to adopt a Digital advertising stratergy delivering great exposure whilst achieving value for money and budget. RP Digital launched its Digital Billboard stratergy and advertising program in 2014 and now the company is rolling it's Digital Billboard network throughout Australia. This program will see the company grow from strength to strength whilst achieving many other goals throughout Australia as a 100% Australian Owned and Operated Company.

Click on the video below and learn more about Digital Billboards and the benefit of partnering with RP Digital.


So what are the benefits of RP Digital Billboards?

• Real time information – Digital Billboards give you the ability to update your message weekly, daily, even hourly.
• Builds brand awareness and complements all existing forms of media.
• Flexibility – unconstrained as you are able to display multiple messages.
• Run competitions to promote your product monthly, weekly, daily.
• User generated content that saves money spent on marketing companys.
• Countdowns for launching a new product, service or store.
• Sponsor live sports updates.
• Sponsor live traffic or weather warnings with updates.
• No shipping or printing costs when your media changes.
• Interactable with Social Media.
• Dynamic and interactive content – not only can you display real time information, such as daily specials, but you can also display it in captivating methods to draw your clients attention.
Billboards are already known as a recognizable force in the marketing field. Combine that with movement and you have a powerhouse combination.

“Movement attracts attention: Digital formats generate 50% more engagement than static forms.”

“Attention seeking behaviour: Over 70% of views to digital formats occur on the creative change.”

Golf Club Installation

Medical Centre Installation