Like any product you buy today you need to be confident that the support is behind the product. The LED Digital Signage market is exploding and there are many signage and marketing companies out there but many of them do not have any support in place and rely on third party companies to assist them. RP Digital not only supply and sell custom and standard design LED screens and signs but specialise in this area of expertise. We are involved with the manufacturing, construction, fabrication, installation, content supply and most oif all ongoing support and maintenance. We even have our own IT and Electronic repair division and can repair LED and Driver chips in our workshop. We carry a large stock of spare parts including power supplies, LED's, Driver chips, send and receive cards, hub cards, circuit boards, cable. connectors and controllers.

We also have LED Panels and Controllers in stock for quick turn around small installation and carry multiple sq meters for hire and rental. We are specialists in P10,P8, P6, P4.8, P3.9, P2.5 and recently P1.9 and P1.5 and cover both DIP and SMD

If you currently have purchased a screen and are experiencing technical difficulties with no support, then give us a call we may be able to asssit you or guide you to the right people for your product support. We have helped many clients who through no choice of their own have been sold an LED Screen that has failed and the company supplying it is no longer around or in business this creates a bad feeling in the industry and poor quality and support has no place in RP Digitals portfolio.