Mackay Stadium Scoreboard

December, 2017

After storm and lightning damaged to the existing scoreboard at Mackay BB Print Stadium RP Digital was approached and asked to design and build a new entertainment screen that was more than just a scoreboard.

The team at RP Digital tendered for the contract with other Companies from Sydney and Brisbane and were advised they had been awarded the contract.

The team set about designing a Scoreboard that could be used for all sports and also added extra benefits to the stadium with live stream feeding of all events. The facility would also be able to supply video replay and full video for movies and any other events that needed to be held at this great complex. Major benefit to sponsors would allow their ads now to be video HD quality rather than a static still of a logo allowing the community and crowd to know more about that business and what it can offer. This benefitted the sponsors and allowed the marketing department of the stadium to maximise their sell of sponsorship due to the extra benefits the sponsors now recieved throughout events.

Harrup Park Country Club

January 8, 2018

From cyclone damage to their existing scoreboard Harrup Park engaged RP Digital to design and supply a full mobile entertainment Centre that could be utilised for all sports at the complex. These were to include outdoor movies, product launches, Eat Street, back drop to staging for various music concerts and festivals along with community engagement and sponsorship to events being held at the complex.


The brief was to be mobile allowing position at any location around the complex and HD quality for movies,  PPT and video productions. Our Clients and the board were amazed with the qaulity and ease of use. They also realised the future potential to hold more events and create a larger income stream for the club by hiring this mobile unit out to functions and event co-ordinators utilising the complex for their events. The unit can be a scoreboard, media centre, entertainments centre, movie theatre and more and with so many events held at Harrup Park this unit will give this club an added benefit when holding these events and become a big draw card to people wanting to hold there events at Harrup Park.  




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Billboards of many shapes, sizes and designs can be supplied by RP Digital throughout Australia. If you own a building or area that is close to high traffic flow or pedestrian foot traffic our sales department would like to talk to you.. The team at RP Digital will engage in all consultancy of the site and engage Main Roads and local councils to install a state of the art Digital LED Billboard creating an income stream for you and the property owner and the advertising company.. Give us a call and allow the team to assess your site for a new Digital Billboard and income stream way beyound your expectations..

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