About Us

RP DIGITAL PTY LTD was founded in 2014 to source the best supplier of LED marketing and advertising screens and associated products in the world market.

With over 40 years of combined experience in running successful businesses, we  responded by creating a truly independent LED marketing and media company in Australia and launched RP Digital Pty Ltd.

Our main drive was to create an amazing awareness and market your business successfully, while understanding budgets and cost associated with that marketing campaign, these are major issues most businesses face every day. Continuous and extensive research has led to the development of the RP Digital Anchor Tenant and subscriber programs, the next generation in LED Billboard media and Marketing in Australia. In order to make timely and proactive decisions about where to spend advertising dollars, RP Digital have introduced this new and exciting concept in advertising never seen in Australia before. This allows your Company to be at the forefront of awareness while conserving your advertising monthly commitment. This also allows you to channel those unused dollars into areas that need it most while retaining the awareness campaign required for your business to grow.

Monitoring of all our screens utilization and performance can provide valuable data to the management of a company. Therefore it is important to select right partner to implement your LED Media and Marketing program. The monitoring and control system on your screen is our priority and your satisfaction is our reference for the future. Our team will work with you to supply not only excellent products and reliability but the service support in creation and video production in each town of Australia. This will allow the product to run at its optimum level of performance which will reduce your cost in marketing and ensure work flow and awareness is at the highest level available every day. We can supply effective yet innovative solutions to our customers in all aspects of Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Sporting Events all around Australia. RP Digitals strives to become the number one supplier of LED Media and Marketing screens in Australia,  with its expertise and quality products being recognized as innovative leaders in the country.

We also strive to educate through new ways of interacting and communicating important information through our Screens to assist Disaster Management and emergency services along with achieving the highest recognitions in our industry for innovation and expertise in the clean energy sector.